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The Aerochamber Plus is a plastic valved tube with a mouthpiece. Sometimes known as a spacer device, the Aerochamber Plus improves the control and delivery of mist or powder from inhalers into the lungs.

What is Aerochamber Plus?

The Aerochamber Plus Valved Holding Chamber (VHC) (also referred throughout this information as the Aerochamber Plus), consists of a plastic valved tube with a mouthpiece, a valve to control mist deliver and a sealed end to hold the Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI). An aerochamber can also be identified as a spacer device or an aerochamber spacer.

Many medicines are available as inhaled treatments. The purpose of the Aerochamber Plus is to improve the control and delivery of mist or powder from inhalers into the lungs which are very helpful for lung diseases and people living with asthma. Both ‘preventer’ and ‘reliever’ types of asthma inhaler can be used with the Aerochamber.

The Aerochamber device is commonly used for people who have difficulty breathing an entire dosage whole. The Aerochamber should always be used with MDIs that deliver inhaled corticosteroids. There are a variety of products of the Aerochamber Plus spacer device. They come in different sizes and styles ranging from the small mask, medium mask and large mask.

The Aerochamber Plus also comes available to buy as an Aerochamber Plus Mouthpiece which is available through Instant e-Care.

For further information on The Aerochamber Plus, please see the patient information leaflet.

How It Works

Aerochambers reduce the amount of lingering medication that gets left in the mouth and throat. Leaving residual medication like corticosteroids in the mouth can lead to oral irritation and infection. Many people use a spacer as the medication travels directly from the inhaler to the small airways in the lungs, increasing the effectiveness of the medicine.

Before you take it

The aerochamber is not a form of medication. This Aerochamber Plus spacer is intended to be used to help aid medicines to bring relief from lung conditions, wheezing and breathlessness. It is to be used as a tool for inhalable medical treatments only.

Both adults, children and the elderly can safely use The Aerochamber Plus. If you do not seem to be getting better or become more wheezy, short of breath, you should check with your doctor to ensure you are being administered the correct treatment.

Dosage Instructions

To ensure you inhale the correct amount of medication, it is important you read the instructions and use carefully:

Closely examine the product for damage. Ensure there are no missing parts and that the chamber is free from foreign objects.

Shake the inhaler immediately before use in accordance with the provided MDI instructions for use and remove the caps from both the inhaler and aerochamber.

Connect the inhaler and spacer by inserting the MDI into the back piece of the chamber. Put mouthpiece into the mouth and close lips around it to provide an effective seal.

Breathe out gently and press the MDI at the beginning of a slow inhalation. Breath in slowly and deeply until a flow of air has been taken into the lungs and hold for 5 to 10 seconds if possible, otherwise, keep lips tight on the mouthpiece and breathe slowly 2 to 3 times through the chamber.

If The Aerochamber Plus makes a whistling sound, it means you are breathing in too quickly.

Administer only one puff at a time, following instructions with every use.

Common Side Effects of The Aerochamber Plus

There are no reported side effects associated with using the Aerochamber Plus. Your asthma inhaler may have some related side effects - check the patient information leaflet. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Clean the Mouthpiece and Chamber?

To clean the Aerochamber Plus, you must remove the back piece, the mouthpiece cap, and twist the chamber apart. Soak the parts for 15 minutes in liquid detergent and clean lukewarm water. Once washed, rinse parts in clean water.

Product may be permanently damaged if boiled, sterilized or cleaned in a dishwasher over the temperature of 80°c (158°F).

Is The Aerochamber Plus suitable for Children?

Yes. Taking this medication tool is safe for all users.

Do I need a prescription?

No. The Aerochamber Plus can be bought through pharmacies.

I’m pregnant. Can I use The Aerochamber Plus?

The Aerochamber Plus can be used to administer treatment in accordance with your prescribed medication. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure if your medication is suitable for use during or after pregnancy.

What happens if I take too much?

It is important to never increase or decrease the number of inhalations without consulting your doctor. Always use aerochambers in accordance with your prescription. If you have accidentally inhaled more puffs than intended or than what is recommended, please call a healthcare professional.

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